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1959 The Wendelin Rauch & Sohn company, based in Freudenberg am Main, Germany, takes over the chipboard factory of Otto Kreibaum & Co, which had been up and running since 1953. The factory was situated in Markt Bibart, a town in the Franconia region of Germany, and initially had two continuous press plants, with a daily capacity of 35 m³ of board. This capacity is increased over the following years by installing more extrusion presses.
1976 Extruded chipboard can only be used to a limited extent in furniture production, so the extrusion presses are put out of service and replaced by a completely new factory. Markt Bibart becomes home to Europe’s most high-tech chipboard factory, with a daily capacity of 500 m³. The heart of the factory is a 20-metre long single daylight press. The Rauch Möbelwerke furniture plant is supplied with cut-to-size boards on a "just in time" basis.
 Since the chipboard factory can no longer keep pace with the in-house needs of the furniture plant, the factory is fitted with a continuous Küsters press ®. Daily capacity rises to 850 m³.
1995 Changes are introduced so that heating energy, which had previously been generated purely from oil, is now provided by means of CO2-neutral solid fuel combustion. A direct-heated large drum dryer with a downstream wet electrostatic precipitator provides additional capacity and relieves the strain on the environment.
1999 The continuous chipboard press is extended, increasing capacity to 1600 m³ per day. This production volume is met by a fully automatic sanding, cut-to-size and packaging line.
2002 Construction of a new administration building and adaptation of the infrastructure to the ever increasing production capacity. 
 A second hot-gas generator, fuelled by renewable resources, is put into operation along with another chip dryer with wet electrostatic precipitator. This ensures that energy production and drying capacity requirements could still be met, should the plant‘s production capacity be expanded further.

2016 Replacement of the existing Küsterspress ® by a new particleboard press line. The ultra-modern plant with a length of 52 m (expandable to 65 m) is designed for the reliable production of at least 530,000 m³ of top quality chipboard annually.